Sunday, August 14, 2011

Period, Space, Space & Other Old Habits

As the title and tag line of my blog suggests, God is indeed always speaking, if we only have ears to hear. I find that - more often than not - whatever I'm learning in the physical usually parallels something spiritual God is trying to show me.

One of my recent status updates on facebook said this:
  • ONE space after a period. ONE space after a period! Anyone else have a hard time with this? Man, my age is showing.
Garnering numerous responses from friends who were - like me - having a hard time breaking this old habit, this status hit a spiritual nerve. Not only am I having a hard time letting go of the typewriter days of "period, space, space" in order that my material be more acceptable to a publisher or agent, but I have also been holding onto other habits that could prevent me from moving into my next season or appointed time.
  • Old mindsets that refuse to embrace what I was finally able to confess: "I am a writer."
  • Old mindsets that continue to tell me I'm not good enough and this is it.
  • Old schedules and routines not conducive to productive writing.
  • Priorities that need to be re-evaluated.
  • etc, etc.
So, with the return of my kids to school in one week will also come school (sorta) for me, too. I will purpose to push through what has been normal and natural to me for many years (ahem...period, space, space) and move forward by learning new methods and strategies, re-ordering priorities and developing a schedule that will help me meet deadlines.

I will also continue renewing my mind with the Word and choose to believe what God says about me (a few scriptures from the Amplified Bible...because sometimes I need the volume turned up...).
  • Do not be conformed to this world (this age), [fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs], but be transformed (changed) by the [entire] renewal of your mind [by its new ideals and its new attitude], so that you may prove [for yourselves] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you]. ~Romans 12:2
  • And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude], ~Ephesians 4:23
  • Therefore, my beloved brethren, be firm (steadfast), immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord [always being superior, excelling, doing more than enough in the service of the Lord], knowing and being continually aware that your labor in the Lord is not futile [it is never wasted or to no purpose]. ~1 Corinthians 15:58
  • Strip yourselves of your former nature [put off and discard your old unrenewed self] which characterized your previous manner of life and becomes corrupt through lusts and desires that spring from delusion; And be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude], And put on the new nature (the regenerate self) created in God's image, [Godlike] in true righteousness and holiness. ~Ephesians 4:22-24
  • I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who [a]infuses inner strength into me; I am [b]self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency]. ~Philippians 4:13
On a final note, someone in my writer's critique group the other day mentioned The Pomodoro Technique.  This is one of the specific things I'm going to try in revamping my schedule to become more productive and efficient in time management. Have you heard of this technique?

Do you have some old habits holding you back?

What changes are you implementing to help you move forward?

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Heleen said...

Just visiting from FTLOB comment love day blog hop! If only old habits were easy to break!! I hope you feel better by the way; strep is definitely no fun. :(

Jean Wise said...

Visiting from Michelle's site and yes I am a traditionally 2 spacers. I think we get so comfortable with our old habits. I know one thing that has helped me is just the awareness of when an old habit is out dated. Still hard to break but I have to start someplace.

Jen said...

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your FB status! I think I'm still in denial, as evidenced by my typing right now. Space. Space!!!

But, in seriousness, in answer to your question, my bad habit that I must break is not resting. For example, my children are napping and I am on my computer, not resting. God has given me the opportunity to have rest and I repeatedly don't take it. Must. Break. Bad. Habit.

Irene Cortez said...

Hi Shelly. Thank you for this enlightening post.

I still have this bad habit of seeing myself as someone who's not good enough. It is something that I really have to change.

God bless. :-)


Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

Old habits die hard, eh? And I find that habits that inhibit my spiritual growth seem to die hard than the rest. Or maybe I'm just crazy!

Anyway, GREAT post. I don't do the space space thingy...but my boss does...and it drives me insane when I edit his work! ;)

Patti Hanan said...

Old habits do die hard. I guess I'm so old school I didn't even realize that it is now just one space after a period. Glad to be enlightened!

Brandee Shafer said...

I'm with Patti! I'll work on it! Great post! I'm here from Michelle's.

Anonymous said...

Old habits do die hard! I still use two spaces...I am working hard to break the habit of responding to my circumstances rather than responding to what God's Word says. I have a feeling it will be a life long journey.

Monkey said...

We are supposed to be rid of the old self and sometimes, that is quite hard to do. We were sinners, so the old self is full of sin. It is hard not to sin.
My old habit is white lies. Sometimes I realize that I just told a lie and I don't even know why i did it. There were no consequences whether I told the truth or not (other than the fact that I sin and am separated from God because of that until I ask forgiveness.) So I don't know why sometimes the words come out of my mouth.

What I have been doing to get away from this is to meditate constantly on scripture, which is sometimes very hard to do. I pray and ask God for help as well. I think that's the only way we can be rid of the old. Only with God are all things possible.