Thursday, August 11, 2011

imperfect prose on thursdays...i choose him

today i am linking up with emily for imperfect prose on thursdays

and i leave behind capitalization, punctuation and fluff

choosing instead unedited thoughts and transparency

because sometimes we just need to talk

no walls, no rules, no expectations

i must confess this type of post scares me more than any other

words written are not forgotten and do not disappear

what is it that frightens one in sharing, in being open

i ask this question and know there are many answers

fear being the root of all combined

rejection, judgment, condemnation, misunderstandings, opinions

but when i think of all these, and then Him

the others seem to lose importance

silly and irrelevant to this space i now occupy

once lost in what seemed a found place

bound by the unworthy and untrue

tangled and alone and thirsty

even now should i accept all things

i might travel that road once taken

but forgetting those things behind i press on

keeping my eyes on the one who saves me

when hard days come and clouds threaten

i remember he never changes

i remember his words and they are true

i remember he still speaks

and i listen

what is this all for if not for him

no longer interested in this thing created by man

i choose him

brought into a large place

i choose him

rescued and redeemed

i choose him

forgiven and set free

i choose him

just him

8 friends had this to say:

Claudia said...

and he chose you...just saying...smiles
i'm a big lower case fan by the way...sometimes upper case builds up hurdles in my mind...and i don't want to jump when i can float...

Jen said...

It has been freeing, since She Speaks, to come to that place where I lay it all down, focus on Him, and accept gladly what He gives me.

Beautiful, this vulnerability.

starla said...

Me too!! :0)

Deidra said...

Simply beautiful - thanks so much for sharing!

Irene Cortez said...

When we are afraid or full of doubts, it is best to surrender our fears to God, who knows all things. I find it liberating just entrusting everything to Him. I'm glad you did, and you were able to come up with a beautiful and inspiring post. :-)

Ostriches Look Funny said...

yes. He is the only one to chose, if we want to be saved. Lovely, encouraging writing.

Pamela said...

Choosing Christ...a worthy subject and stirs my heart with an amen. Beautiful writing, too.


emily wierenga said...

what is this all for if not for him


gorgeous, friend. truly.