Wednesday, August 3, 2011

He Carries Me

Today I am linking with 5 Minutes for Mom on Wordless Wednesday.

I am on a journey, not alone. Even in those times when I can only see one set of footprints, it is because He carries me when I cannot take another step on my own.

(Remembering Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson)

Counting my gifts with Ann V.


knowing I'm not alone, even when my feelings disagree
the sun, faithfully returning each day
forever friends
words that heal and inspire
air conditioning
mercies new every morning
undeserved grace and forgiveness

4 friends had this to say:

Kathryn Ross said...

I hear ya, Shelley - thanks for the good Word!
Miss Kathy

Bonnie said...

Beautiful picture....

starla said...

I am so glad we are not alone!! Love the countings!! especially..AIR CONDITIONING!! its HOT!

Jen said...

....And He carries me...Such a beautiful picture of Grace. ~ jen