Wednesday, July 6, 2011

how can we reach them unless we see

(today i am linking my words with others and emily for imperfect prose.  i have only found her this week and feel like i have uncovered treasure. she is an amazing writer and artist.  you will be blessed to visit her blog. also be sure to check the listed links for some encouraging words from other writers as well)

walking through fields of corn too tall
standing on tip toes to get a peek
what is it thats out there
there beyond the place my eyes can see?

i imagine people
souls lost and hearts aching
undone and unraveled
searching for home
a place to lay their heads
ears to listen
hearts that hold complete.

beyond our now is a world of hurting people
in front of us lies wounded the rejected and forgotten.

how will we reach them unless we see?

open our eyes lord
let us see clearly those to whom you have called us.

stretch our hands made for healing
move our feet fashioned for the journey

give us courage to see and grace to love.

sharing the one who alone brings peace, hope, forgiveness and salvation.


14 friends had this to say:

Jen said...

Amen, girl! This is beautiful - what a reflection of your heart!

Warren Baldwin said...

Yes, very good.

Anita C.Harris said...

I attempted to post 2 comments but I think I failed to publish them. This post should be sent to every Christian and church-worldwide. Our eyes seem to be focused today on our own agendas, building bigger buildings, and raising more money. The lost, hurting and, elderly must again become the our focus or...
Thanks for sharing this, I will definitely visit the writer's site.

Reformed rebel said...

This is so good! Thank you for sharing.

Blessings in Him...Chelle

Shanda said...

We do need to be constantly praying for open eyes. If we don't, they just turn inward.

My daily walk in His grace! said...

Hi Shelly. I love that. Open our eyes to see the hurting. Excellent writing.
God bless

Anna said...

A beautiful prayer... we need eyes to see and then grace to love. Amen!

Wandering On Purpose said...

stretch our hands, move our feet, give us courage - this should be my daily prayer.

. said...

Shelly.. great post.. and I just wanted to swing by and thank you for following we look foward to getting to know you better..
Have a blessed day..

Stacy said...

God has always used your words to speak to my heart. Today, though, my time of communion with the Lord while reading your post was amazing. There was such an anointing here. I could sense His presence with each word. I could feel the cry of His heart. I could hear him speaking to me. I was moved to tears....and then I was moved to start moving....
"stretch our hands made for healing
move our feet fashioned for the journey
give us courage to see and grace to love."

Thank you for being HIS vessel, for using your gift of words to speak HIS word to my heart.

May God continue to anoint your words, to bless your ministry, to equip you for the work He has called you to.
So thankful for YOU-

Linda said...

Shelly, Thank you for helping me to see the intents of my heart. Sometimes I get so busy, I miss the reason why we are called Christians, to be Christ Like!!! What He did is just what you said, He saw the hurting, the blind, the hopeless, I sometimes wonder if I see beyond my own personal needs, to know that others are struggling just like we do, God forgive me when I do. I want to hear His voice and know His plan, I want to be where He is working. God help me to do your word. Thank you Shelly for sharing the Heart Of God.

emily wierenga said...

"beyond our now..."

love the cry of your heart, friend. love it.

Pamela said...

So true. I find myself needing to re-see and re-dedicate.


Michelle DeRusha@Graceful said...

I admit, I don't open my eyes often enough. I think I am afraid to see the suffering that exists all around me. Thank you for this important reminder -- and for expressing it so eloquently.

And thanks for visiting Graceful, too -- it's lovely to meet you here!