Friday, July 1, 2011

Ability vs. Capacity

My mom shared this yesterday and it really spoke to me.  History has shown that a lot of us are usually in the same place or going through a similar season, so I thought I would share it to. :)

A Word by Mark Chironna:

Ability and capacity are different. When you arrive at new positions and levels of influence a gap is created, the gap exists between the demands of your new position and your not-yet-developed ability to fulfill that role. Not-yet-developed ability does not mean you do not have the capacity. The capacity exists or the promotion would not come. Shift your awareness towards your capacity and watch your ability rising.

Have a blessed Friday, my friends, and remember....keep your spiritual ears open because God is speaking! :)   xoxo

2 friends had this to say:

Warren Baldwin said...

That is an incredible quote, and it captures in a nutshell the anxiety many of us feel when placed in a new position. I feel it now over a new academic program I have entered, and some of the the demands it is placing on me. I have the capacity or I wouldn't be accepted into the program. Now, I have to develop the ability. Great post, thanks for sharing. wb

Eileen said...

Great reminder that we often do have the skills and potential to do something new...we just need time and practice for it all to develop. I needed to hear that.