Monday, August 16, 2010

The Winds of Change!

I read this status on my blogger friends Barbie's facebook page this morning....

When the winds of change come, do you turn and walk the other direction, or do you lean into the wind, embracing it, anxious to see where it might take you?

My response was....I pray that I will have the courage to embrace the wind every time it comes!  Because you know....change isn't always so easy peasy!  We get set in our ways, comfortable with the way things are, and set up camp!  The problem with that is God isn't given the freedom to move in our lives....

So today, I pray that I can set aside MY agenda, MY schedule, MY plans, and follow His leading....without leaving skidmarks.

Come Holy Spirit!

I'm sure I'll be writing more on this subject....and sharing a bit of my personal testimony soon....  But for now.....the laundry is calling my name :)

Oh, by the way, when I was creating this post, I noticed that it is my 100th post!  Caught me totally off guard and I'm ill prepared to celebrate!  lol  I see lots of organized, on time bloggers with extravagant 100th post celebrations and have dreamed of doing mine.....maybe I'll do 101, or 103 or know.  haha :)  But I do want to have some sort of giveaway....I'm thinking one of my favorite books or don't stay away too long!

Have a blessed Monday!!


2 friends had this to say:

Faith Imagined said...

I really needed to hear this! I have such a hard time with change and I have been going through a lot of it lately. Thank you for sharing this wonderful quote!

starla said...


I pray that I just turn with the wind and let it carry me to where ever the Lord leads...

Amen!! :0)

I missed my 100th (i didnt know it was important..I am on 480...maybe I should do a giveaway on 500!! lol