Saturday, August 7, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Today I am participating with my sister over at Tin Bucket Photography for a new weekly display of photos!  Snapshot Saturday :)
Photography has been a hobby or love (maybe not love, but strong like...haha) of mine for a long time - probably since my first child was born 18 years ago.  Kids seem to do that to you! :)
But my sister has taken it to another level!  Seriously, she takes about 200 photos a DAY of her little girl! haha  And her practice is paying off....she is in the process of starting her own photography business.  I am so excited for her!  I know she will do great. 
So, on Snapshot Saturday, we share our favorite photo of the week.  Having just returned from Disney, I have several and most of them have already been posted here.  So I found one from Destin, Florida that isn't really great quality because of the bright sun, but the subject of the photo melts my heart :)

This is my baby.  Logan, 5.  He is starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and this picture tell a story (to me) of his journey ahead.  I love it.  And I love my sweet little man. :)

Have a happy weekend! 

Logan and I are off on a short road trip (4 hours) to spend a few days with my sister and her family.


4 friends had this to say:

starla said...

Oh I love it......Definetly a picture story of the journey!!
...going toward the direction of the Buildings (Kingdom of God) the footprints ( evidence of where we came from) the shadow (the side of us we must overcome in this life) the water ( the Water of Life right beside us at all times)

vicki said...

I am TOTOALLY IN LOVE with this photo! SO GREAT!! Thanks for doing this with means a lot, I know your super busy! Can't wait to see you and Logan-hurry,hurry,!

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

oh, my gosh, you don't know this but photography is my second love after art!! one of my favorite things to do is to take the convertible out on country roads and find photo ops. WE need to go!!

and, this is important, do you know how to put the button on your sidebar - the one that has the code underneath it so someone can put their button on their blog??
i've lost 6 hours of my life trying different tutorials to do it and i CAN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waaaaaa!!

Ciawy said...

That's a great pic! I always like beach scenes, and having your baby there makes it so precious.