Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let's Talk! Tuesday


A few more-serious-than-usual random things....

1.  I am currently re-thinking/re-structuring/re-planning my blog and re-evaluating its purpose. 

2.  Starting my folder for my book projects and trying to learn more about the publishing world. (Studied some agents blogs' today which is why I am re-structuring my blog!)  Printed out lots of good stuff today.

3.  I start substitute teaching part time at Logan's elementary school next week, so am also currently planning/scheduling every hour in my day to ensure I get everything completed!

4.  Limiting my time on facebook.....seriously, a person could get lost in conversation on there and waste a lot of valuable time!   How much time do you allow or think is acceptable for social networking?

5.  What is your take on self-publishing?  And what about ebooks?

Short, but to the point today....glad we got the chance to chat, even though it was almost midnight for me! :)


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starleeta said...

SO COOL!!! Teaching part time...

I use to be on the FB for FOREVER, I got time warped alot.

I self-published It was easy but getting traffic and advertising is all up to you...:0(

cant wait to see what you do with your blog,publishing,and hearing about teaching...

Rachel B said...

Thoughts...facebook is a time waster for sure. It's hard to balance the good and the bad of it. I have tried setting a timer when I log in...realizing if I miss something, it's probably not the end of the world. :)

Self publishing...if you can get published by a publisher, that's the way to go. If you decide to self-publish be careful who you go with. My friend use to work for a self-publishing company and they would print anything...seriously anything. Some self-publishers are a bit more reputible than others.

What is your book about? Do tell! :)

Will be fun to see your "new do" on your blog. :)

~Pam~ said...

Hi Shelly!
That is great about teaching, hope it goes well. (I'm sure it will).

Sorry,but I really don't know anything about publishing, so no help from me! lol

I am looking forward to what you will do with your blog.

Take care and have a nice evening. :-)

Linda said...

Hi Shelley,
Hope you are well.
I look forward to seeing what your plans are for your blog.
Enjoy your evening.

Family, Money and Stuff said...

Hi Shelly. That's alot of stuff :)

I also revamped a bit to properly market my writing / blog, and am learning how to do this social networking thing :)
(without it taking over my life, that is...)

I don't know 'how much' time is appropriate ... maybe it depends on your project load, deadlines and current projects? Maybe it is a discipline as some have hinted...

Facebook CAN be a time waster, even if it's used for a purpose. But I wouldn't say it just is regardless. Anything can be a time waster. I think moderation and motive just need to be factored in.

Good luck with the changes! Look forward to seeing what's in store :)


******Shelly****** said...

Thanks for all the input, girls!! I'm working on it... :)

Have a great week!!


V said...

i miss you Shelly, a bit gay sorry about that LOL!!
Ebooks could be an interesting endevor. Something new!
I have been thinking about opening an online shop to sell teddy bears i knit. I have no idea how but the start of an idea can be the start of a great chapter