Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Let's Talk! Tuesday

Welcome to our little chat today! :)

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My convo pieces for the day.....

1.  My sister and niece are here for a visit....Yay! :)

2.  We went fishing yesterday.  It was so hot, though, that we weren't gone for very long.  One large mouth bass and a few mosquito bites later and we were on our way back to the house.  Good thing we can fish on our own property, we didn't have far to go.  Oh, and the snakes are out and about so we had to wear our boots! :)

3.  As I mentioned in one of our previous chats, I love to craft (when I have the time!). One of the blogs I read from time to time is hosting You: Create on Thursdays which may motivate me to find more time to create!....check it out!  This is the first week and I can't wait to link up :)

4.  I'm currently reading Jesus Manifesto by Sweet/Viola.  It's my first review and I put it on hold because of our book study (of which I have one more post this week).....so I'm hoping to get it finished soon.   One of the things I read last night that was really good: 

God is not so much about fixing things that have gone wrong in our lives as He is about finding us in our brokenness and giving us to Christ. 

It you take the time to really meditate on this, it speaks volumes.  At least it did to me.

I'll have to get back to you on my take of the book as a whole! :)

5.  Hmmmm.....what to have for dinner?  Does anyone else feel like they make the same things over and over again?  Going to the grocery store is so routine I think I could do it in my sleep!

6.  Last week I posted on Monday night before midnight so my Let's Talk! Tuesday posted on Monday....this bugged me everytime I looked at it!  Yes,..... it did.    Sooooo, this week I'm staying up until after midnight so my time will match my title. ;)  I know....I know.  (After posting and checking I'm Totally bummed again!!  It's showing up as 10:03 when it was actually 12:03 when I posted!  What's the dealio???  Ugh.)

7.  We are currently watching a hurricane in the Gulf!  Don't forget to pray for the Gulf Coast Area!

Happy Tuesday, my friends!


9 friends had this to say:

V said...

gee lets talk... so much to say! LOL

1. I love your boots, so cute!!
2. I am super excited to go away with someone i talk often about on my blog Cookie, and she's like my sister. We are going away for the weekend with a bunch of friends.
3. Satan is irritating me
4. My dog is having separation anxiety and won't leave me alone to blog LOL
5. I am quite disheartened that a friend of mine I've known for years is jealous over another friendship I have...
6. I am in debt LOL to my mom!!
7. I am excited also coz i will be getting a pair of UGG boots this weekend and now i wont have frosted toes!
8. I wish I knew what to have for lunch
9. 2 of my grandparents have been in hospital - one is admitted tomorrow. And i can't help but think a lot about them, especially my gran with her arthiritis and how the doctors really don't treat her nice.
10. I really love my boyfriend/Fiance and wish I didn't feel so confused in how to "fix" things but I think God is not wanting to fix but draw us closer to him together!!! Thanks for the quote coz it did talk to me!!
11. i write a lot LOL!!

Pam said...


Did you know with blogger you can write posts days in advance and schedule them to post when you want them to? After you type your post, click "post options" on the bottom left. Then click "scheduled at" at the bottom right. You can put in the date and time you want it to post. That way you don't have to stay up till midnight - lol:) Hope this helps.

Sweet Blessings ~

starla said...

Love it, cute pic of the little one and THOSE BOOTS!!! YaY!...it was so nice to read your sisters Lets talk too!! You take good pics of your sister ( I subscribed to her blog and browsed a bit)
I love doing this...so glad you started. Over at F of L we have Monday Motto check it sometime...*plug* ;0)
<3 to you and yours

Rachel B said...

What an adorable little girl (in an adorable little outfit)...and cute boots!

Dinner...yes, often routine. Been trying some new recipes lately. It's fun to look up new thingson recipes.com. :)

Enjoyed reading. Have a great Tuesday!

Tansy said...

Your boots=to die for.

let me know what you think of that book, I've been looking forward to reading it, its sitting on my mom's dresser and i really want to read it.

********Shelly******** said...

Thank you girls for your visit today! :) I enjoyed reading your random things and chatting with you on a more personal level!

And PAM!! No, I did not know that! I am so excited! lol And can't wait to use that feature!! Thank you, thank you! (For some reason I can't get to your blog)


Michelle said...


It was great having you visit! Did you make those adorable toddler clothes yourself?

Faith Imagined said...

I just love these "Let's Talk! Tuesday" posts!

Your niece is beautiful and I LOVE the rain boots! I also cook the same things over and over. It makes life easier. The time thing made me laugh. If you go into your settings and click on the Formatting tab you can change your time zone to the correct one. I also date my posts days in advance and it really helps. I was extremely happy when I learned that can be done!

It was fun chatting with you!!!

V said...

I want to say thanks Alissa... i actually got to change my time to the CORRECT time now as well! You are a wealth of knowledge woman!
Um have you guys LOOKED at my blog, there ARE recipes there you know ;) wink wink