Monday, June 21, 2010

Chapter 9 Sexuality

We are down to our last few posts of our book study.  What a great book this has been.  If you haven't bought the book, I encourage you to do so.....and you can go back and review the posts at any time so it will be just as if you did the study with us :)

Today, we are reviewing Chapter 9 Sexuality: The Heart's Unsuspecting Mirror.  To keep this reading from being too long, I will include Chapter 10 in a separate post.  (And remember, this is only a short overview of some of the topics covered in each chapter, and not a complete summary or discussion.) 

Chapter 9 Sexuality

The title of this chapter made me a little nervous.  Honestly, sexuality is not something that "Christians" normally talk about, is it?  But why not?  Sex in marriage was God's invention and idea! :)  It is something sacred between a husband and wife and is truly more than just a sexual encounter.  The world has turned it into something that it was not created for.

"No matter how much our culture tries to pretend, we cannot keep ourselves from realizing that sex has both context and meaning - that in a sexual encounter, we are standing at the edge of something holy."

"For this cause a man shall leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.  This mystery is great, but I am speaking in reference to Christ and the church."  Genesis 2:24

There is a parallel drawn here between the intimacy of a husband and wife and that of Christ and the church. 

"Physical intimacy, set in its true context, takes us straight to the heart of God, because the necessary components of trust and faithfulness and passion belong, first and foremost, to Him."

Paula draws lines between our previous topics - our ability to trust, our longing to be known, our forgiveness of others and ourselves, etc - and sexually intimacy with our spouse.

"Sometimes there are genuine physiological differences in couples that greatly influence their desire for sex - a kind of cocktail of neurochemicals and hormones that vary widely from individual to individual.  Physiology plays a huge role in the world of sexual passion..........Having said that, though, sex can provide a world of insight into our emotional lives and inner worlds. We act out the closeness we don't feel sometimes by quietly keeping our distance, hugging the side of the bed. Last week's argument never got resolved. The distance builds and the tension mounts. And while we may manage the kids' carpool and the family checking account and a host of other things, our sexual lives slide to the periphery and we hope our husbands won't mind all that much."

Anyone ever been there? ;)

Our relationship with our husband is affected in every way, including sexual intimacy, by the issues of our heart.  And as God "brings more freedom and cleansing to my heart, the most intimate relationship of my life will feel the effect."

Study questions (pg 225-227)
  •  How do you see your sexuality as a window into your heart? In what way is that thought freeing, encouraging, threatening or challenging? 
  • How does the reality that sexual intimacy mirrors ours intimacy with God - our longing to be one with Him - affect the way you feel about sex?

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Anonymous said...

I've heard that worship and sexual intimacy mirror each other. But I've never had it explained like this! Yikes, much to think about. I hope other people hurry up and comment so that I can get some more insight, this is not my expertise!

********Shelly******** said...

Well, that makes sense, too....our worship is or should be an intimate time with our heavenly Father. It's all still a little odd to think about for me, these comparisons....I, too, would like to get some more insight from others and see what their response/input is! :) This may be one that most people steer clear of, though! :)