Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Let Him Remind You

Today I am talking about the importance of Laughter over here.

And reminding myself of the word God gave me to "keep my faith in the narrow places" here.

Don't you love it when the words God gives you continue to speak life?

How they somehow find you when you need them (again)?

And soothe like a healing balm those places that have become dry once more?

Listen today.

And let Him remind you of the words He has spoken over you and the promises He has made to you, His child.

His promises won't be broken.

Hold on tighter.

Surrender more.

Rest often.

The things that God has prepared for those who love him are beyond human comprehension and imagination (1 Corinthians 2:9).


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Tracy said...

Hi Shelley - yes, I love those moments. its like sunshine on a cloudy day. Great reminder to listen out for God's heart. so glad to see you link up.
God bless

Laura said...

Thank you, Shelley. Oh, yes, laughter is so important. Love, love, love these thoughts.

Shakin' the Foundation said...

Love this post on so many levels!


Alecia said...

Letting Him remind me of who He says I am, His child. And yes, I love that His words speak life. They are food for my hungry soul.
Love this post!

AmyAlves said...

Shelly, LOVED that!!! I'm learning to laugh more! ~ Amy

Denise said...

I loved this.