Tuesday, April 10, 2012

God Still Speaks & I'm Making a Garden

I love how God created living things to reproduce and grow and display His majesty. And I love how He speaks through His creation.

I can hear praise when the birds sing. I can feel Him in the wind and see His glory in the clouds.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with His presence and overcome with love and emotion and no words have even been spoken.

I love how He does that.

I love how He loves us.

And I love how He still speaks.

For years now, I have helped my dad with "the family" garden. I have watched him year after year work faithfully and diligently to bring forth a harvest to bless our family.

Today, my husband and I started the process of turning our daughter's retired hog pen area into our very own garden. We are going to start small, but we are so excited.

I know God is going to speak to us through this whole experience.

I am expecting to hear Him.

While we were pulling weeds, hoeing, and raking, Logan surprised us with some blackberries he found along the fence line and at the edge of the horse pasture. God is so good. Can't you smell the blackberry cobbler already? ;)

After a couple of hours of hard labor, we had our new garden area free of grass and roots. We are going to bring in some new soil and finish preparing our foundation. Once the foundation is complete, we are going to plant tomatoes (for canned salsa), various peppers (for canning, also), and cucumbers (for bread and butter pickles). We may add one or two more plants, but we aren't quite sure just yet.

I can't wait to post more pics as we go and share what God is speaking.

Do you have a garden? I would love to hear what you are growing and if you do any canning or freezing. :)

Blessings, my sweet friends!


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4 friends had this to say:

Laura said...

Those blackberries look so yummy! We started a small raised bed garden last year and it has given me so much joy. May such joy be yours as well as you till and plant. Stopping by from Jen's tonight. Nice to be here, my sister :).

Alicia said...

We don't garden thanks to all the deer that roam our yard and eat everything that grows (except for the 5 children growing here, thankfully :) ) but I have a daughter who longs to grow things. Plants. Trees. Flowers. Beauty. Thanks for reminding me that her passion may be for hearing God in the growing, not just digging in the dirt!

Sherri said...

I am not a good Gardner...I wish I was...but ...I too...plan to start small this year!

Shanda said...

I used to garden but I now have a 70 lb tortoise that walks over everything i plant. But, I love him more than plants and he gives me joy :)