Thursday, July 8, 2010

YOU:create - Week 2

It's week 2 for YOU:create with Gitz!  I'm so excited....this actually encourages me (gives me an excuse) to break away from the monotony of the day (and the laundry) and create something.  I love all types of art: painting, crafting, sewing, photography, card making, etc.  I've even taken a beginner ceramics class and would also love to learn wood working! :) 

But for this week, I chose to make a picture frame.  My husband has a construction company and sometimes I get to rummage through his leftover pieces of man's junk is another man's treasure, right? Well...sometimes. :)

My friend, Audrey, actually told me about this project.  Thanks, girl!

To start, I found a scrap piece of wood, wide enough to stand up on its own.  I then sanded all sides and corners to make it as smooth as possible.  I used modge podge to adhere my chosen scrapbook paper, letters, etc.  I used a cross stamp to add  a little something extra and embellished with a little bling bling! :)

I used hot glue to attach my decorative ribbon on the edges as well as the bow, and also my hand painted polka dotted clothes pin to hold my picture.

Drumroll please!

Oh yeah, one other thing I "created" this week.......

My son had "nerd day" in his youth group at church Wednesday night so we headed down to a nearby  Goodwill store to find the perfect clothes!  How'd we do?  :)

And don't 'cha just L*O*V*E the hair?!  It takes talent, my friends.

Happy Creating!! 


12 friends had this to say:

starla said...

HAHA...excellent nerd creation!!
LOVE the PHOTO holder!!! WAY AWESOME!!!

Prudy said...

That "frame" is beautiful!!!!

Mandy Hornbuckle said...

Your frame is just beautiful!! And the nerd outfit - too cute!!!

Kaycee said...

What a gorgeous frame! And that's a fantastic nerd get-up!! :)

gitz said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE the frame. And the clothespin was brilliant.

But it did get overshadowed a bit by the cute nerd :) I so want to make one [frame, not nerd]

Anonymous said...

Nerd day!? Love the look, lol

Anonymous said...

awesome!! i so want to make one! it's so pretty and well the did good there too ;)

Sheryl said...

your frame is beautiful. LOVED it!!

Stitchingmum said...

Gorgeous frame Shelly, and love the nerd, lol!!!

Julie Gillies said...

Hi Shelly,

Thanks for paying a visit to my blog--it's so nice to meet you! Your photo holder creation is beautiful. Good job! And your son? The epitome of a nerd! Your talent is amazing! ;)

V said...

wheres the competition for these things, I wana enter... i wana enter... start a competition -you now secretly want to start competitions for your creations-
:D hehe

Linda said...

The frame is absolutely beautiful! The nerd outfit a fantastic creation!
Enjoy your day.