Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 6: Magic Kingdom!! :)

What a fun, amazing place!  There is so much to do at Magic Kingdom!  It could easily be split into two days, but we, of course, did it in one day. :)  We did not leave the park until midnight!

Of course we got there a little late (somewhere around 10:30) and the parade is one of the first things we saw........

There were soooo many people there!  And all of the buildings are so beautiful.

Gotta get a pic in front of the castle! :)

One of my favorite rides was Thunder Mountain (because it's not to scary!)  Some of us rode it twice....

We stopped by Castle Couture to get Natalie a fancy smancy dress for our dinner at the Castle!  I sooooo wanted one! ;)

Doesn't she look ready to hang out with some princesses?

During our dinner, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, and Belle came to visit our tables.  The boys didn't mind at all! :)

We finished the day with another parade, a spectacular fireworks display....and a few more rides we just had to sneak in before midnight! ;)

It is currently Day 10 and we should be home.....but....we drove through Destin and Fort Walton Beach yesterday and the beaches were so pretty we had to stay!  So we rented a condo on the white sand and enjoyed a few hours of clear blue water :)  Taylor even got to do some scuba diving with one of the guys who lived and worked at the condos!

We got up this morning and headed home, but didn't quite make it.  The RV decided it needed a break in Mississippi :)  So we checked into another hotel to let the kids swim and hang out until the mechanics make the RV feel better!  Hopefully we will be on the road again tomorrow.....

So while everyone is sleeping...I am blogging :) 

Sweet dreams....


3 friends had this to say:

Ciawy said...

Glad you're having lotsa fun at the happiest place on earth. ;)

Dorothy Adamek said...

What an amazing day! Memories like that will last a lifetime. Treasure each one :)
Dorothy :)

V said...

Its 21:21 here by me now. 29Th July!!! Keep them photos coming sister!!! :))