Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3: A Peek @ the Atlantic :)

This morning Shawn and I took the kids to breakfast while Tommy and Betty Jo took care of some business.  With less sleep than usual and tired little bodies, things got a little cranky in the suburban so we took turns thinking of things that we are thankful for.   Guess what?  Turned out we have A LOT to be thankful for!  ;)  Happy kids once again.......for now anyway.

Now back to yesterday....

Day 3: Cocoa Beach & The Pirate Dinner Adventure

Longing to get our toes in the sand....we took a drive to Cocoa Beach and splashed around for a bit.

Pirate Dinner Adventure

The activity for the evening provided entry into the world of pirates!  The kids were fascinated with the show and hardly touched their dinner....except for dessert of course ;)

Our personal pirate, Andre, began his mentoring right away.  Listen up, kids....or walk the plank!

Up on the stage for some up close and personal training from the Captain. 

Watch out...they come bearing weapons!  And they know how to use them! ;)

The cast did a fantastic job!  And we got to hang out a little after the show since we were VIPs :) 

Logan LOVED everything about our night out!  He will be talking about this for a very, very long time.  Thanks, Tommy & BJ! ;)

Shawn & Tommy thought we could use some of this to spend at Disney....

We didn't escape with the treasure, but we did make a great memory that will last forever!

Check back tomorrow for pics of our day traveling the world at Epcot :)


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