Friday, February 4, 2011

She Speaks Conference 2011

So, I just added a new button to my sidebar! Isn't it pretty?! :) 

She Speaks Conference

I did not get to attend this conference last year, but I'm hoping this is the year it all works out!  I'm stepping out in faith and starting to plan! :)  More info on the conference (speakers, sessions, etc) is supposed to be released next week.

My plan is to register for the Writer's track and also attend a Speaker bonus session (if they have those again this year).  It will be amazing to connect with some other women with similar aspirations and desires.  I know God has called me to share my story and my faith (as He has YOU) and this conference seems like a great place to gather some knowledge and information to help me take the next step.

If you haven't heard of this conference, be sure to check it out on their website!  Oh, I forgot to mention that it is a part of Proverbs 31 Ministries. :)  Lots of encouragement coming from these ladies!

Think you might go?  If so, let me know!

(And if you have any extra frequent flyer miles laying around....)


4 friends had this to say:

Heidi said...

My friend and I went last year and we took the writers track... it was wonderful!! I learned SO much! Praying you get to go!!

******Shelly****** said...

Thanks, Heidi! s

Krista said...

Hooray! I love the button, it looks nice on you! I'm saving my pennies too, eagerly awaiting the info that will be coming out any day now. just know that this thing sells out, so if you're serious, then buy your ticket as early as possible.

Glad you liked my post. I forgot to credit my pastor with the bones of it, it was based on his message from last week.

Have a great day!

D.J. Hughes said...

This looks great! I'll have to look into this conference! Thanks!