Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What Would You Do?

Ok, you may get sick of me but I feel like I am going to BURST if I don't add a part two to chapter two!!  But I promise to keep it short ;)  Maybe.

I have to quote from page 31.....

"In this journey of move out of the stands and onto the playing field.  In the stands, you are just a spectator, watching your own life, a passive onlooker to a game where other people call the plays.  You are what someone else says you are.  It's the turtle story, where a hard shell protects all the live stuff inside.   But you can only stay in the stands so long without the soul-numbing sense that you are missing your own life.  The only one God gave you. To move from being a spectator is to step out on the field and risk banging up your knees a bit.  To experience the muddy, sweaty exhilaration of actually playing the game...."

And then she asks the questions.....

"What would you begin to do if you thought you could?"

"Would you want to live in a foreign country?"  (

"Or begin a ministry no one else had attempted?"  (Maybe...)

"Or write a book?"  (YES!!)

"Or plant a perennial garden?"

"Or ask your mother-in-law if there wasn't some way to mend the defeaning silence between you?"


Think about it.......


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Traci Michele said...

LOVED THIS CHAPTER! I wrote about it too!

So so great! Have you written on the Ning community page yet? I have to be accepted.

********Shelly********* said...

Traci...I just found out about the Ning community! haha I didn't even know what it was until last night! I got my accceptance email this morning so I'm going to go check it out. And yeah, I love loved this chapter too! I'm going to read your blog now..... :)

robin-lynn-77 said...

Awesome : ) Thank you again, I have really been needing this. What a blessing. There have been some desires God has put in my heart and for various reason I have set them down. Thinking it was the right timing soo forth. I really look forward to your blog, and I soo encourage you to write a book, you definatley have been given a gift by God : )

Linda said...

I have just found your blog and I have so enjoy my visit here. I look forward to following you. Thank you for sharing the inspiration here.
Please drop by my blog when you can-Simple Womans Daybook and Days Touched By Grace.

Ciawy said...

Yeah we're on the same wavelength. Kinda bummed since the book is not available in out library yet, but I'll just keep reading your posts. Thanks so much for sharing.
I'll probably write a book, mostly about having a personal relationship with God..

********Shelly********* said...

@Robin....I, too, had set some things down, but I have recently picked one of them back up (writing!). You are going to love this chapter when you get your book. Let me quote one more thing for you from this chapter: "As you bring your heart to God, he will place His desire in you to such an extent that your desire becomes His for you. So when you pray about a longing, and the desire remains, you can trust that God has left that in place for a reason."

@Linda....Thanks for visiting! It's great to meet you! I look forward to visiting your blogs as well! Come back soon :)

@Ciawy...I'm bummed too! But yeah, keep on reading, I may end up quoting the whole book anyway! haha! And yes, keep writing, girl! :)


Audrey Roberts said...

Thank you so much for your comments on my blog. I have just started blogging. I just joined your blog and I am looking forward to reading your posts. Looks like I need to go out and buy Strong Women, Soft Hearts.


bj said...

What a blessing for me that you stopped by my blog. I might never have found you. Thanks so so much.
I am your newest follower..:)
xo bj

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I agree with the statement.

When we're in the crowds, we're not fulfilling our God given purposes. Like I said recently, God is not going to come down and do what He has sent us to do. He moves/works through people. If people are starving in Africa, it's not God's fault, it's our fault because someone is not using their gift or fulfilling their God given assignment.

When we're moving, we're being watched. When we're moving and step into the light or onto the playing field, we become Visible. And as God's children, when we're Visible, He is Visible. And when He is Visible, He makes the Invisible things Visible.


********Shelly******** said...

@Audrey and @BJ.....It's always nice to make new friend! Online networking is a fairly new thing or me, but I'm having a lot of fun with it and meeting some great women of faith! Please visit any time! :)

@Ciawy...You're right. It is our responsibility to allow God to move through us...and be His hands and feet ....and mouth piece on the earth!