Tuesday, September 2, 2008

My little man started back to "school" today (Parent's Day Out). So I have been a little sad and lost this morning! I didn't even have my first cup of coffee until 10:30! I have also been browsing through old pics on my computer and found the file with the ones from the day he was born. I wasn't even looking for them and there they were! There were some of my sister and my mom holding him (they were in the delivery room with us) and when I saw them I just got all warm and fuzzy inside thinking about what is to come!! My sister's baby girl is due in December and I can't wait for that to be me holding her in the picture!

I've also been thinking about my friends from highschool and how much I miss them! What got me started was finding out that one of my best friends from long ago is finally getting married! I am so excited for him and his soon to be bride! I got an email from him this morning and it made my day!

One of my BFFs (more like a sister!) D sends out some encouraging emails/prayers from a book entitle It's Never Too Late to a group of us girls. The last one said..

It's never too late....to wonder.
Look with innocence.
Drink with your eyes.
In people.
Ponder it.

So this morning I have been wondering, pondering, thinking, reminiscing, and all of the above ....as I often do! Sometimes it just lingers longer and invites your emotions in to places you haven't visited in a while. :-) And then there's the what ifs, the whys, the could've beens, (in the words of D).... and today. Where our life is at this very moment.

She ended the email by saying exactly what I would say to you today....

Let's take some time to wonder...about the difference we can make in our life, our family's life, a friend or a stranger's life.Let's take some time to wonder...what can I do to make today more pleasant; is there something I have control to change about me that could make me more pleasant; Let's wonder...let's ponder...let's do.I pray today that you will wonder a little.I pray today that you will see the mystery and enjoy it.I pray that you relax today, breathe today, sing today and dance.

I am so behind on blogging but now that summer has come to an end, maybe I can steal a few moments to write. Hopefully I'll get some first day of school pics of all the kids up on the family blog this week (or next....).

And hopefully I can share some things on here that God has been speaking to me these last couple of months.

Have a wonderful day!

1 friends had this to say:

Quiltermama said...

Were you hinting something with the hormones? (other blog)

Who is getting married?

You made me wonder these things, and now I might not be able to sleep tonight! :o)

AND, last but surely not least! I miss you, friend!!! I was reminiscing lately about "the girls", and what a true blessing it was to be surrounded by such amazing young women. It's hard to find friends like that anywhere, and I've yet to find so many at once!

I am SO excited to see pictures of you holding your [gasp! I'm ferklempt!] niece!

Much Love to You!!!