Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Final Hurricane Update! (hopefully!!)

I am late in posting this, but we had our electricity restored Saturday evening. So only 8 days without power! We are definitely blessed, it could've been a lot worse! The guys working on the lines worked so hard for us! But there are still people here without power and of course, all of those who lost their homes and loved ones. I'm not sure when the island will be open for the public. From what Ihave heard and the pictures I've seen, there is not a lot left in many areas there. It will take a while to rebuild, but I know they will. All we had was a big mess in our yard to clean up. Shawn finally paid a couple of his guys to come over this weekend and help finish. Here are a couple of before and after pics of our front yard:

before the storm
after the storm
before the storm
After - You can see the corner of our house in this one. So glad the tree fell away from us!!

Beginning the clean up....

I had to show this picture - this is part of my living room - notice the extension cords running through the middle of the floor? When we got home, Shawn was set up in the camper in the front yard with the generator hooked up - all he had hooked up was the refrigerator and the TV with the Directv (which explains the cords!!). I was like, you have to be kidding me!! As long as he had cold food and satelite, I guess he thought he was doing ok!

And this was our temporary home for a couple of nights! The generator was sitting on the four wheeler because we had to keep taking it from the water well to our house! We stayed in the camper just to have hot showers and also it had a propane stove to cook on.

We attemped to take a walk/ride to the river behind our house, but found the road cluttered with downed trees and fallen limbs, plus the river flooded the back half of our property so this was as far as we made it!

I also wanted to include these last 2 pictures of some of the beautiful skies we got to enjoy while at my sisters in the hill country!

After every storm, a new hope shines through. Sometimes the end of one thing can be a beautiful beginning to another. I pray for beautiful new beginnings and hope for all those who lost so much during this time.

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