Monday, September 15, 2008

**Hurricane Update**

Saturday hurricane Ike kept inching closer and closer to us so about 3:00 pm we decided to evacuate. By 3:45 we were packed and in the car! We went to my sisters house in the hill country near San Antonio. Shawn stayed behind at a friends house so that he would be able to check on our homes asap and also be available to work. We waited anxiously for news on our home as reports of damage and destruction kept flowing in from the news, text messages and phone calls. Finally, Shawn was able to reach our property to find our home in tact! We had trees and debris down in the yard, but no major damage to our home, just a lot of clean up. We are very blessed. A lot of our friends and family were not so lucky, having trees through their homes, roofs torn off, businesses destroyed, etc. I cannot imagine living in Galveston right now, they need a lot of prayer. We also have some friends in Baytown whose church received major damage. I was told last night that there is a possibility our electricity will be out for 2 weeks to a month. And with us living on the outskirts of the city limit, we are usually some of the last to have it restored. With hurricane Rita, we were without electricity for 2 weeks. Also no school of course for this week, and we find out Friday if there will be any next week. And with the outages and shortages of gas, it will be hard to continue running the generators. Hopefully we will be getting gas in the next couple of days. The kids and I are still in San Antonio. They are asking that Texas evacuees not return until Tuesday. So we plan to hang out here again today and leave early in the morning. Hopefully we can leave early enough that traffic will not be too terrible. I plan to shop for food before leaving the area, since almost all 0f our stores are closed and the ones that are open have long lines out the door and a lot of empty shelves. Please continue to pray for those who found tragedy in the midst of this big storm. Pray for hope, healing, peace, comfort, restoration, and salvation- that many would draw near to Jesus during this time. When I get home, I will give another update possibly with pictures and more details.

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