Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Golden Girls Luncheon

Today I had the privilege and honor once again of being with the "Golden Girls" of Cornerstone Church (my home church). Last month we learned how to dig into God's word deeper and hear Him speak to us personally through scripture. This month we tapped into our creativity and painted His Word.



We began by seeking God and asking what He wanted each of us to paint. We worshiped and painted as an expression our love to Him. Beautiful and imperfect, like each of us, pieces of art were formed right before our very eyes.

We learned that we are each unique, created in His image, special, and chosen. At the end of our painting exercise we put all of our paintings together and created one big, beautiful masterpiece. We are each individually amazing but TOGETHER we are so beautiful, no matter our weaknesses and flaws. 


At the conclusion of our time in the classroom, each lady chose a "word" from a basket. It was incredible how God spoke to each one of us. One lady received the same word she had painted just a few minutes earlier. Another received confirmation of something God has previously spoken to her. And my word echoed what God has been speaking to me, as well. I heard exclamations, one after another, of God's goodness and love as He poured over the ladies with His promises and hope.




 His love is overwhelming.

 We finished the morning with a feast prepared by more beautiful women in the church and served by children and teens.



Thank you all for such a special day!

3 friends had this to say:

Amber said...

What a beautiful event Shelly! I love how we can express our love and worship to God in so many different ways and He in turn speaks to each individual in a unique way. Love your heart!!

NANA SITE said...

Had a wonderful time today. I wasn't going to go and am glad I went. I painted for the 1st time. Brought the picture home and my husband said he really liked it. He really was surprised. (Kind of glad he didn't have to say it was good if it wasn't). I am looking for a place to hang it. Possibly a new artist in the making.

Shelly said...

Thank you, Amber and Jackie! :) It was a great time! So glad you enjoyed it, Jackie!