Saturday, October 6, 2012

F is for Fall

...and football, of course. :)

There is something about the crisp, cool air and the changing of colors that feels like home and beckons me to create.

Satisfying and fulfilling, Fall is beautiful.

Pumpkin spice candles and pigmented leaves. Fall festivals and football games. Bon fires and family time at the deer lease.

Have I mentioned this is my favorite time of the year?

My fingers ache for paintbrushes and my mind races for new ideas.

Ribbons call to me in the craft department.

Flowers and glitter and glue become Saturday companions.

Fabric and pine cones and scarves and boots.

How did I survive so many months without these?

To welcome this treasured season, I gifted our front door with a new wreath.


I found lots of inspiration on the website Kristen's Creations. This girl is super talented and creative!

In addition to my new Fall wreath, I also spiced up our front porch area as much as the budget would allow. Luckily, my mom had some Fall stakes tucked away in the attic that weren't being used and my hubby had some leftover lumber pieces that were the perfect landing for some cute welcome signs. All I had to do was add some paint and polka dots, position them in last year's mulch, and presto!


The rest of the house needs a paint job and that won't fit in to the budget, so I'll stop with the porch pics. We live in a mobile home and I dream of a new brick and stone house, but for now my pretty steps will have to do. :)  There IS a new house in our future, though (speaking words of faith, yes).
Happy Fall, friends! May your pumpkins be ripe and your flowers bloom vibrant hues of Autumn!

2 friends had this to say:

Amy Sullivan said...

You are speaking my language...maybe not about the ribbons an paint, but about fall! The leaves are turning here, and there's comfort in that for me. All of the warm drinks and cold weather s the best.

Thinking of you!

Shelly said...

Hi friend! You get a better Fall experience than me! I would love to come see your leaves turning...I know it is so beautiful in your part of the country. Have a warm drink for me :) Hugs!!