Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Top 5 from the "Yes to God" Webcast

First and foremost, friends, please remember to pray for my home state, Texas, and all those affected by the wildfires as well as those risking their lives to fight the fires. We need rain and we need a miracle.  I know that even in the midst of this, God is bigger and He is still good

Last night the webcast offered by Lysa Terkeurst and Ann Voskamp was about saying "Yes to God." God has been speaking this for some time to me. In fact, I just wrote a guest post about it yesterday before the webcast that will be published soon.  More specifically to me, it has been about saying yes to Him while saying no to those things that might distract me from His purposes or keep me from His presence.

I loved getting together with my girlfriends all across the world. It was like having one big chat session, especially with the twitter feed - although my (undiagnosed) ADD contributed to missing several statements spoken on the left while trying to keep up with the written conversation on the right. I should probably take advantage of the opportunity to review the webcast. If you missed it (or need to see it again), it is available on demand on Lysa's blog.

I decided to list my top 5 favorite nuggets from last night:

  1. Before we say yes to God's work in the world, we need to say yes to who He says we are in His word. ~Ann
  2. Keeping company with God is what's most important, not how much we accomplish. ~Ann
  3. Christ is always our first yes to God...there is no yield in our lives until there is a yes to the Lord. ~Ann
  4. The name of God - YHWH - is the sound of breathing itself...Make every breath a yes to God. ~Ann
  5. Peace isn't the absence of dark, it's the assurance of God's presence in the dark. ~Ann
And since I usually have a hard time limiting words (except when I'm trying to meet my word count goal for the day, of course) is no surprise that I have one more to my list...technically making this my Top 6 (but we'll leave the number out so I don't have to change my title LOL):

Lysa talked about intentionally pausing in the moment and acknowledging God throughout our day. This has been my quest in pursuing God. This was a great reminder for me as it has been key in learning to "Hear His voice above all the noise," as my tagline states. I pray that I will not forget this. That I will remember when life is busy and frustrations are high and stress is squeezing and things are harder...that I will pause and acknowledge God...that I will remember He is good and He never changes.

"He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?" Romans 8:32

Were you able to join in on the webcast last night? If yes, what were you favorite take-aways? And if not, please feel free to comment on my faves :)

Also, remember there is still time to watch the webcast on demand today and tomorrow at

Although not my usual Imperfect Prose Post, I am still joining today with Emily at Canvas Child and Ann for Walk With Him Wednesdays.


9 friends had this to say:

Stefanie Brown said...

Wasn't the webcast amazing! I took away so many wonderful nuggets I'll keep close.
Wonderful post to re-cap the evening.

Anonymous said...

I really love and appreciate is all about saying yes to Jesus, FIRST. Without Him, the picture is incomplete, and our spiritual hunger will still throb for refreshment. Wonderful truths, that are, indeed, TRUE!! If you don't mind, could you visit a new blog I found ~ I was his only follower, and I am wanting to show Dr. Goldberg, the creator of the blog, the love of Jesus! Please visit at: Thank you so much ~ and thank you for blessing me with your posts! Much love ~ alice

Anonymous said...

I love number 5 on the list. It is such a great way to look at peace. I didn't get to visit the webcast last night but you have inspired me to check it out now. Thanks!

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing these five great words from Ann. So good! ~ jen

Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

I was blessed to be able to "attend" the webcast last night, and although it would be hard to zero in on just one thing (or 5 OR 6! lol) what held me in the moment was: "The name of God - YHWH - is the sound of breathing itself...Make every breath a yes to God."
To think that each breath I take speaks His name....or to know His name is as close as each breath I take....
I heard nothing else beyond that because my mind couldn't even begin to fully grasp heart was overwhelmed. Isn't that.....see....even now, I can't find the words to describe that.

BTW, I can't wait to read your guest post! God is opening the doors for you to use your gift and I am so HAPPY you are faithfully following His leading. :)

Thanking God for you this evening.
Sweet blessings, my friend.

emily wierenga said...

i'm so glad you shared this, friend, as i didn't get to listen to the webcast... xo

Sharon said...

Shelly, I didn't see the webcast, but this post was wonderful. I really liked the one that said the name of the LORD (YHWH) was the sound of breathing. So, I tried it - it is!!

That is so cool! He is the very breath that I breathe. He is the One who wakes me alive every day until His purposes for me are fulfilled.

May I breathe YES with every moment I am blessed to live in His glorious Light...

Thanks for sharing this - I really loved it, and I'm going to pass it on.


Dorothy Adamek said...

That sounds like one amazing webcast!! One of these days I will have to set my alarm and creep out of bed here in Australia to join my sisters across the globe.
Blessings and many thanks for sharing!
Dotti :)

Blue Cotton Memory said...

I've not yet graduated to WebCasts - but I'll turn up the courage with time. Your points, though, you gleaned were indeed valuable nuggets - all 6 of them! I especially love that "He doesn't take away the darkness, but He is there with us in the darkness." I lived that the last 2 years when I learned to stop asking the darkness to be taken away but to "be with me" in the midst of it!