Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Hidden in whispers of concern, criticism and judgement clothe themselves in convincing disguises.

Envy compliments through forced smiles.

Manipulation and control wear many masks, often confusing even the one on whose face they rest.

And there is not even one who is exempt from the trickery of pride.  Pretend humility.

Things are not always what they seem.

It is easy to read this and immediately think of everyone it applies to. 

Even while writing I found that pictures would pop into my mind of people who had manipulated or controlled or criticized or judged me. 

But what about the times when I criticized someone?

Or judged?

Or manipulated?

Or tried to control?

Suddenly, my words came more slowly and I meditated on what God was saying.

Do I have the courage to peek inside my own heart?

Am I brave enough to ask God to show me my true motives?

Help me, God.

Help me to examine the secret chambers of my heart....those places that I've hidden even from myself. 

You see them. 

And You are not pleased.

Forgive me.

All a person’s ways seem pure to them,but motives are weighed by the LORD. ~Proverbs 16:2

A person may think their own ways are right, but the LORD weighs the heart. ~Proverbs 21:2

5 friends had this to say:

Mining for Diamonds said...

Ouch...I know I've been on the receiving end of "mixed motives" but it is definitely hard to see it in ourselves!!! You've challenged me today!!!

starla said...

Great post shelly! I am home with a bad back and sinus today.:0/ bummer!! but I enjoyed this posts, had a whole ramble of inspiration so I posted too :0) love when that happens. Have a great Sunday!!

Sharon Kirby said...

A good word - what is it about our sinful natures that makes it so easy to see the speck in other peoples' eyes while ignoring the log in our own?

Lord, my heart is deceitful above all else - even to myself. Search me and know me - and clean out the dirty corners...


Stacy said...

"Help me to examine the secret chambers of my heart....those places that I've hidden even from myself." How I pray this for me, too. The heart IS so deceptive and, like you so poignantly expressed, all too often, we are the true victims of our own deception.
Thank you, Shelly. God always uses you to draw me deeper....

Debbie Dillon said...

This is a great reminder - one I need to revisit again and again.
Beautiful blog and great post! Be blessed :)