Thursday, April 15, 2010

Proverbs 31 Ministries Writing Contest

I'm so excited! I found this yesterday which led me to here!

I have never been to one of these, but I thought it might be a chance to meet some really great women, get encouraged and linger in the presence of God! So why not? ;) Especially if I get the chance to go for free! ;)

So ....what is it?

Well, click on the links already!! Whadda ya think I posted them for?? ;)

Ok...OKAAAY!! Geeezz! (Wink, wink)

It's a writing contest for Proverbs 31 Ministries Magazine. And the prize is a scholarship to their conference this summer!

Here's one little section by Glynnis Whitwer that caught my attention ;)

"As the director of the writer's track at She Speaks, I meet women every year who are wondering if they have what it takes to write. They might think the dream is foolish ... because who would read what they have to say? But the dream beats so hard in their chest they just had to come to the conference. However, they tenderly protect that dream, even as they put themselves out there for all the world to see.

Is that you? Do you have a dream to write but haven't taken the first step? Or have you been writing for awhile but know God is prompting you to take the next step in your writing journey?

Today, I have the privilege of announcing a contest to help someone take that next step of obedience in their dream to write."

So for all my writer should check it out! Even if you don't want to go to the conference, it's a great opportunity to get your article published and read by thousands of women who may need to hear exactly what you have to say! I personally LOVE getting their devotionals by email. Sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered!!

Let me know if you plan to enter!

3 friends had this to say:

Anonymous said...

DO you plan on entering??? :) :)

********Shelly********* said...

YES! :) :)

And I just found the blog carnival that you did today, so I'm trying to write something on JOY before the day is over! lol

********Shelly********* said...

Ok well I was going to enter but I had the wrong deadline date in my head!! For some reason I thought it was the 21st ugh! Did you get to enter?