Friday, January 29, 2010

A Similar Theme

One of the things God spoke to me for this year, was to be more consistent in my writing and journaling. This morning, as I browsed through January's entries, I found a similar theme woven throughout my scribbled pages.

Here are a few of my titles (with subtitles!)....see if you can figure it out :)

  • The Tragedy of Life in the Fast Lane (subtitles: Speeding, Missing Road Signs and Strategic Exits, Fast Forward, Blurred Vision, Avoiding Road Hazards, Cruise Control/Auto Pilot, Out of Gas)
  • Catching My Breath (subtitles: A.D.D. - just saying....,Good Gone Wrong, Addicted to Multi-tasking)
  • Running in Place (subtitles: Barren Pursuits, Unthinkingly)

....need I go on? :)

Unfortunately, sometimes we (I) have so many small things going on, we miss what God is trying to do. In a sense, we "can't see the forest for the trees".

But, alas! God has a way of getting our attention.

For example....the first title I listed, "The Tragedy of Life in the Fast Lane," was birthed out of a speeding ticket that I received on my way to class one day. Yeah. As I watched the officer walk away in my rear view mirror, God began to speak to me and it became one of those "AHA" moments. Unfortunately it cost me $150.00 and 6 loooooong hours on the internet defensive driving course.

The story developed further when - a few weeks later - I got to school and realized I had forgotten my makeup! Good thing I had fixed my hair and put all my jewelry on. That helped. SERIOUSLY??!

Funny today.

TRAGIC then.

You have no idea.

Ok, okaaaaaay....I'm listening! :)

So I think (just to make sure I get it!), that I will begin a series of posts from my journal on this message that God spoke to me (loud and clear) in January. Feel free to visit again! :)

I leave you with the last sentence from day 7 in my journal....

"In my constant search for something to accomplish, the One with whom all things are possible, often gets pushed to the side, neglected, left out of the equation that can only be complete with His presence."

Thank you, God, that You love me enough to get my attention when I get things a little mixed up. (even if it means I have to go to class with no make-up on). Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Indeed, God has to be included in our day. I wouldn't even survive without Him!!