Monday, July 2, 2012

Exhaust Fumes, Spiderwebs, and a Jeep Jalopy

Last night I found myself secluded in my sanctuary (locked in my bathroom in my steaming hot garden tub) when suddenly there came a knock on my bedroom door. Awakened from my few moments of bliss I heard a familiar sound, "Mooooooom!"

"I'm in the tub!"

"Mom, hurry! We want to show you something," my seven year old continued.

"Show me what?"

"We want you to see the jeep and go for a ride! It's so cool!"

There are some moments you would rather say no but you know you have to say yes.

Even if it means getting out of the bath smelling like mango coconut and into a dirty jeep reaking of exhaust fumes.

This was that exact moment.

The boys (my hubby and our two sons, 15 and 7) recently acquired an old 1975 Jeep (jalopy) 4X4 and dubbed it their deer lease/mud buggy project.

Last night, of all nights, they managed to get it to run for more than 30 seconds. We live on acreage with dirt roads and four-wheeler trails leading to a river at the back of our property (yes, I'm a country girl, born and raised) and they just had to take me for a ride to show off their mechanical skills.

At 9:45 PM.

The precise moment I was soaking in my tub.

So I said yes. 

I dried off from my bath, threw on some clothes, hopped in the jeep, and held on tightly (the brakes, they informed me after I got in, weren't working all that well).

As we rode I dodged spiderwebs and limbs and gasped for fresh air between puffs of exhaust fumes (seriously, no mosquitos here).

And about half way to the river we noticed the moon.

The beautiful, bright, full moon shining down on us as we sat in our rusted out jalopy of a jeep in the middle of the woods.

As I grabbed the cell phone to take a picture of the moon between the trees, I knew in that moment I was capturing more than a photo.

Suddenly the small frustrations disappeared and the inconveniences no longer mattered.

Joy and thankfulness flooded my being.

This frame of time with my family wouldn't last forever but it would be forever etched in my heart.

Sometimes we find beauty and joy and love overflowing in the most unexpected places.

Sometimes saying yes when we would rather say no uncovers blessings wrapped in strange packages.

Summer is sure to provide a host of opportunities to find these little moments with your family.

Will you be brave and say yes?

You never know what's waiting past the exhaust fumes and spiderwebs.

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8 friends had this to say:

Alicia said...

Oh, friend, this post has me laughing out loud. My favorite line- "Sometimes saying yes when we would rather say no uncovers blessings wrapped in strange packages."- that may just be my life theme lately. THANK YOU for wrapping the idea is such beautiful words and tying it with a sincere heart. Love to visit here!

Rose said...

I love this. It truly is surprising sometimes where those blessings show up. I'm trying to remember to be on the lookout and not miss those special moments.

Dionne said...

I think that will be my life in about 10 years...hubby and two sons (now 2 and 4) interrupting my sanctuary for something dirty, but beautiful. It is hard when God interrupts our lives, but saying yes is the best thing ever...obedience is better than sacrifice and between you and me...I think we get that!! Blessing to you!

Jen Ferguson said...

I feel your joy and I take your challenge, to take on the unexpected adventure.

seashore said...

This is so true, it is usually in things that we don't want to do that brings us the most joy. Take a chance!

Kelli Williams Wommack said...

I love this and I swear we live parallel lives. learning to say yes more than no myself!!!!


You said YES ... what a smart momma you are.

Melanie said...

This is such a sweet story. I'm so glad you went along for the ride.