Friday, March 9, 2012

Just Give Up

"The thing that is really hard and really amazing is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself."
Anna Quindlen

When I found this quote I was in the middle of a raging, internal battle. After years of people-pleasing and doing what I thought I was supposed to do, I suddenly found myself tired, confused, unfulfilled, without direction, and distant from God. Upon the realization that I had lived a large part of my life trying to be who I thought people wanted me to be and trying to be perfect, I was forced to see me behind the masks.

But guess what?....(to finish reading this post, please join me at Teri's Place, Keeping it Personal, where I am her guest today.)

**Photo Credit: Flickr Creative Commmons - Balaji B

4 friends had this to say:

AmyAlves said...

All I have to say now is YAY!!! Freedom in Christ is found after we give up and let go of all our trying! Living life through His perfection, love, grace, faith, is so much better! Thanks for sharing your awesome heart! -Amy at

Shelly said...

Thank you, Amy! :)

Baierl Family said...

I am so bound by people-pleasing and perfection that sometimes I find it hard to see God's grace. Thank you so much for your words. I am bookmarking so I can keep it fresh.

Shelly said...

You're is hard to see God's grace when we are trying to do everything and please everyone (except Him) and even harder to accept His grace. I am thankful His mercies are new every morning. Pushing forward with you, my sister, and accepting His grace for the journey. :)