Thursday, February 2, 2012

Will You Consider Your Influence?

I was thinking today of the great ability we have to influence others. This tool that has been placed in our hands has super-power characteristics and super-natural capabilities. Within our own sphere of influence lies a variety of people: adults, children, teenagers, married couples, young singles, babies, recovering alcoholics, those on the verge of breakdown, those contemplating suicide, the abused, the abusers, those about to make a life-changing decision, those whose life will end tomorrow, etc.

What kind of influence are you having?

We come in contact with other people daily. Our words, our actions, our expressions, and even our attitude can have a profound effect on someone.

Is someone better, healthier, stronger because of their encounter with you?

Everywhere we go, someone’s life is hanging in the balance. A war is being waged against someone’s soul. A battle for eternity is at hand.

Do your words and your actions point them to Jesus or do they confirm the world’s values?

It’s easy to say what we believe, but when faced with certain situations, do we live those same beliefs?

If you were unable to speak, would your actions give the same message?

Do the photos and statuses you share on Facebook confirm your message?

What is your message?

In light of some tragic and life-changing events that have happened over the last couple of years in our community, I find myself asking more often what my influence is. Am I making a difference? Does my life speak of good without words? Do my words bring life or encourage death?

People young and old are watching. Men and women hurting and broken are searching. Teenagers misguided and alone are looking for examples. Children’s lives are being molded by their environment and the things they see and hear.

Will you consider your influence?

It’s affecting the world.

Photo Credit: Anthony Kelly - flickr creative commons

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