Monday, November 7, 2011

A Medley of Perfumed Mists or a Dirty Residue of Criticism?

Last week at church I was keenly aware of the various fragrances my friends were wearing. As each of them greeted and hugged me before the worship service, bits and pieces of their perfumes dove into the fibers of my clothing. By the time I got to my seat I was a medley of perfumed mists, a field of flowers, a department store mix of designer samples, a smorgasbord of scents.

I know for some (especially those with allergies) this could prove disastrous. But for me (who had only an empty bottle of perfume at home that morning) it was a gift. And with each breath I was reminded of one of my sweet, scented friends.

Instantly, Holy Spirit challenged me with the question, "What are you leaving behind?"

Beyond actual fragrances, I can leave a number of things with those I come in contact with every day.

Is the character of Christ being poured out through me in my words and actions? Or do selfishness and pride create a dirty residue left clinging to those I touch?

Are love, mercy and graced being poured out? Or are judgement, critical words and condemnation the gifts I offer?

Refine me, Oh God.

I pray that others might desire to know Christ because of Christ living in me. Let me be more mindful of what I'm leaving behind. I pray that those who are looking might find Him in me. As I pour my life out as an offering to Him, let others see His goodness, hear His invitation and smell the sweet aroma of Christ.

What are you leaving behind?

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4 friends had this to say:

Anonymous said...

So good. I need God to refine me and let His words flow through me like the flow of a river. Pass through me God and let me shine your light to others in this dark world!

ells said...

this just beautiful...what scent do I leave I have the aroma of Christ...thanks for asking the question...
blessings and may we leave His scent of Love...

Stacy @ Heartprints of God said...

Each time I visit your place, I leave enveloped in HIS scent. Thank you, sweet friend. May He be the fragrance of my life, too-

HopeUnbroken said...

perfect. and it brings to mind what i am leaving with those IN MY OWN HOUSE. i fear my aroma around here is often what it should not be, in spite of the scented lotion i use after the shower! i know this because i see it coming back at me in the attitudes of my children. . .
convicting thoughts today. thanks for sharing!