Monday, June 20, 2011

Updated Bio

I finally updated my bio (sort of).  Please feel free to take a peek.

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Mining for Diamonds said...


BARBIE said...

I love it! Makes me want to redo mine!

. said...

Hello, I come to you via another friends blog.. allow me to introduce myself, my name is Karen, co~author of We are a womens ministry following Gods leading to encourage woman, wives, mothers, caregivers,etc.. I enjoyed browsing through your blog and would like to invite you to stop by and visit Heart of the Home when you have time.. Have a blessed day..

Stacy said...

Yep! That is exactly who I've envisioned you to be. :) I love it! I'm so thankful I have had the opportunity to "meet you" and to grow closer to God because of you.
Thank you, Shelly-