Thursday, July 24, 2008

Genesis proved to be filled with amazing revelation, just waiting for me. I know God is leading me.

This footnote from a page in my bible sort of sums up the book:

"The book of Genesis gives us rich descriptions of the lives of many great men and women who walked with God. They sometimes succeeded and often failed, yet we learn much by reading the biographies of these people. Where did they get their motivation and courage? They got it by realizing God was with them despite their inadequacies. Knowing this should encourage us to be faithful to God, to rely on Him for guidance, and to utilize the potential He has given us."

So I learned that most(all) of the people in Genesis were like me. Imperfect. Filled with inadequacies. They sometimes succeeded and often failed. And they loved God. And God loved them and used them to do great things.

I know He is preparing me to share some things. Some personal life lessons. Some struggles. Testimony of sometimes succeeding and often failing. Testimony of some things lost and some things found in my pursuit of Him.

For now, I begin Exodus! The exciting story of God's guidance!

Lord, help me to read with the determination to follow You wherever You lead me.

Do you know where He is leading you? Ask Him. He still speaks. :-)

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Quiltermama said...

The Patriarchs study by Beth Moore visits these places in the Bible as well. That's where I first realized that. The Bible stories I heard growing up didn't seem to mention the flaws of the heros within them. It has been a true blessing to see the flaws, and to know that I am usable to God, inspite of them all. :-)

Have a Sweet Day My Friend!

Amy-Razz Pizazz Boutique said...

I will certianly go back and visit that book soon... It's one that I kind of skip over....and spend most of my time in the new testament. I will head back there tonight and I am sure I will be blessed because certianly God know I have flaws too!
hugs and blessings,
Amy :-)